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Bolanos Drum Co. is small drum shell manufacture located in Glendale Heights, Illinois about 40 minutes west of the great city of Chicago. The company was founded in 2015 with the intention to build the best drum shells on the industry. Our shells are constructed using top graded hand picked veneer which consequently will produce a consistent and precise tonality. Using all the integrated process (in which is done in house) from cutting the veneer to filing the snare beds by hand and all the way to final product along with the great deal time and effort, we are able to produce the highest quality of drums shells in the industry and we are proud of that. 

Behind the scenes of every shell we have put a great amount of time in designing and development. The development and design includes from wood selection, layering plies, ply thickness, bearing edges cuts, snare beds cuts, re-rings thickness, and all the way to how many coats of stain. Our shells are well though out from the beginning to the end. That’s why we believed our shell will be able to deliver in any music scenario from jazz to rock to pop to country and it will inspire you to play more and be more creative.  So, come and try our drums and you will not be desipointed. 

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Bolanos Drum Co.