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Vintage Mahogany Snares 

Vintage African Mahogany snare drums are made of a ultra thin 9 ply 4mm shells with 4mm maple re-rings. Mahogany has more open grain and is less dense then maple, is able to accentuate the lower frequencies. It gives that distinctive mellow, dark and round sounding drum. The maple reinforcing rings serves two purposes: It rises the timber of the shell giving a tighter sound with more projection. Since it is 4mm ply shell, it will help to keep the shell round for a life time. All this is combine with round over bearing edges that will bring the low fat overtones, which are distinctly the sounds from the 50's, 60's and 70's era. 


14 X 6.5

14 X 6

14 X 5.5 


 Thin 9 ply 4mm Mahogany

Maple Re-ring 

Round over bearing edges 

Snare beds 

8 vintage tube lugs  

2.3 mm triple flange hoops 

3 Point vintage throw-off 

Remo heads

 20 strans snare  

  • Turquoise Ripple
    Turquoise Ripple
  • Cream Ripple
    Cream Ripple
  • White Ripple
    White Ripple
  • Natural Oil Finish
    Natural Oil Finish
Turquoise Ripple
Turquoise Ripple