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Vintage Maple Snares

 Vintage Maple Snares drums are made of a ultra thing 9 ply 4mm shells with 4mm maple re-rings. Maple wood provides a warm projection with deep punchy fundamental tones with inherent sustain. Also, it provides a smooth mid and high frequencies for all around applications. A reinforcement ring is added to maintain the  roundness of the shell and to allow the drum to project more. Adding to this, the full round over bearing edges create fat and low sounding overtones. 


14 X 6.5

14 X 6

14 X 5.5 


Thin 9 ply 4mm Maple

Maple Re-ring 

Round over bearing edges 

Snare beds 

8 vintage tube lugs  

2.3 mm triple flange hoops 

3 point vintage throw off 

Remo heads

 20 strand snare 

  • Cream Silk
    Cream Silk
  • Turquoise Ripple
    Turquoise Ripple
  • Natural Oil Finish
    Natural Oil Finish