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Vintage Walnut Snares

The Vintage American Black Walnut snare drums are made of ultra thin 9 ply 4mm shells with 4mm maple re-rings. Walnut is a medium density wood with grain similar to maple. It offers a very dark and deeper pitch and it offers more body and a fuller range of frequencies. The maple reinforcement ring helps the drum to project more and to keep and maintain a solid round form. Adding to all this is the round over bearing edges giving the low fat over tones that makes it ideal for jazz and blues. 


14 X 6.5

14 X 6

14 X 5.5 


Thin 9 ply 4mm Walnut

Maple Re-ring 

Round over bering edges 

Snare beds 

8 vintage tube lugs  

2.3 mm triple flange hoops 

3 Point vintage throw-off

Remo heads

 20 strand snare  


  • Turquoise Ripple
    Turquoise Ripple
  • Cream Ripple
    Cream Ripple
  • White Ripple
    White Ripple
  • Natural Oil Finish
    Natural Oil Finish
Turquoise Ripple
Turquoise Ripple